Bolaji Akinboro is the co-founder Toronet chain – layer 1 blockchain, was the co-founder Cellulant – a pan African fintech and also the co-founder and Chairman Voriancorelli – a pan African Agritech, he is a thought leader in the use of Blockchain’s for the transformation of Africa’s Agriculture Sector and created the 1st blockchain for Agriculture in Africa.


Bolaji is an African Entrepreneur and Innovator Business Leader, in Fintech, Agritech, and   De-Fi who develops ideas & solutions for some of the toughest challenges facing our continent.


He is currently a pioneer of various of Web 3.0 innovations that support communities’, an ecosystem that seek to create a just, equitable and self-empowering future for their members in the emerging future of a decentralized society where we expect that innovation & wealth creation will work for everyone and not just corporations.

Mr. Akinboro will be speaking on the topic – “Distributed ledgers, the new payment infrastructure backbone”.